A pimp’s got a Cadi and a lady got a Chrysler.

12 Jan

This is our last day in kaua’i.  We’ll be leaving tonight for Kona and a few days in the “Disney” part of the big island of Hawai’i.  We are roused before sunrise by the family of feral foul.

We cook breakfast and I find out that the left knee that i’m having trouble with, and Laura is having trouble with, Izzy is also feeling from time to time.  Grandma Ethel Scolnick has joined us – and not for the last time.  Laura, Izzy and I all have Ethel-knee.  Turns out that Izzy also has flat feet, just like me – that’s from Arthur.  so we have Arthurs feet.  It turns out Izzy also has my bad sinuses, which we’ve tracked to Grandpa Sam Sanders – I remember he had a cornucopia of nettie pots.  He and grandma Anna could snore the roof off the house when they slept.  It was a frightening spectacle.

It’s interesting how the brain works.  I’ve driven past the Limihumi Garden and Preserve  several times, but was not really aware it was there.  In the past I even tried to go to it, but it was closed.  I had neither a visual memory in reality, nor a place on the map I keep in my mind.  On our last trip past Hanalei, Paul pointed to a sign and said: “There it is!”.

We check out of the condo’s and our first stop is the Limahuli Garden and Preserve.  The parking is tight, and the lines between the parking spaces are some kind of straps laid down on the gravel.  I hear Amity say: “I couldn’t live here, I need more structure in my life.”

This was not like other botanical gardens I’ve been to.  there were many rare and endangered plants, but only one of each.  It’s purpose is to be a preserve for the indigenous and fragile plants.  It’s here that we learned that Palm trees are an invasive species to Hawaii.  In fact most of the plants and animals thriving in Hawaii are invasive.  I also learned that Ray is extremely knowledgeable, as are his daughters, about botany.  There’s something that definitely doesn’t come from the Scolnick side of the family, We kill Cactus.  It was quite a revelation to hear Ray and his girls discussing in depth the botany of each plant.


garden 1.JPG

Stunning and limited indigenous plants



garden 2

Amity and Paul on the hike



garden 3

Laura rests under an indigenous tree preserved here.



garden 4.JPG

Izzy finds a treasure trove of apple banana’s


Next Stop is a moderate hike in Princeville to the Queens Bath.


queens bath 1queens bath 2

queens bath 3

The Hike

queens bath 4

queens bath 5

The Queens Bath, she must have been immortal

This place can easily kill you.

queens bath turtle

A sea turtle sticks his head up for a breath


Then we stop at the Kilauea Lighthouse and Marine Mammal Wildlife Refuge.

kiluea lighthouse

We look for whales and see none.  There are a ton of dolphins sleeping on the surface in the broiling sun.

Then we stop at Hee Fat in Kapa’a for the best rated shave ice (that’s not a typo, it’s what they call it) on Kauai.

Drop off the car at the airport and fly.  20 minutes later we land in Kona at night.  Kona looks like the surface of the moon, but only I know this from previous vists as no one can see it in the darkness.  We rent the two jeeps and drive up to Waikoloa Village on the one road  “Big Island” has.

We have dinner a Roys and go to our rooms at the Marriot Waikoloa Hotel (the nicest hotel I’ve stayed at in the region) for a good nights sleep.  Tomorrow morning is an early call and it promises to be the best day of the trip so far……..




Title: “Young American” – David Bowie

Featured Photo – 1956 Chrysler Imperial

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