About Dan’s Excellent Adventures

Hi, i’m Dan.  Welcome to my blog.  I like to travel.  I go to places all over the world and cross things off my bucket list.  I have friends that do this with me (and i do with).

On every adventure we try to live out each other’s bucket list items, and also do new things.

Oh, and another thing.  We are foodies.  We go to exotic places and eat the food the locals eat and write about the adventures and the food and the culture, here.

If you would like to join me on an excellent adventure let me know.

we DO not go to places and sit on the beach, we go to places to do the things, eat the food and experience the culture with and like the locals do.

PAST ADVENTURES: (would you like me to take you?, let me know!)

1 – Concentration camp tours of europe

2- Drive

the Autobahn pacific coast highway, US 50, laguna seca raceway…

3.  Food (Peking duck in china, navajo fry bread in monument valley….)


Japanese internment camp in nevada.

The silver state race.

dumplings in Hong Kong.


Me, in the 2000 year old ruins of herculanium – this is the union hall.

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