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…Well the first thing you know ol’ Jed’s a millionaire…..

9 Jan

This trip has been a technology disaster for me.  I’m struggling to learn WordPress to write this blog on my iPad (which, considering my antipathy for Apple software is a struggle in and of itself).  I’ve also experienced a string of technology failures which I hope to include as I blog on…….
So in the interest of learning how to use more WordPress features, and because I have no pictures or better prose to offer for Saturday, January 9th I’m going to shamelessly plug a previous article written by “M” and his blog.  (Or shamelessly plagurize it).  I guess I’ll find out which when I get to his house in Ann Arbor next weekend and find out if I’m locked out in the winter cold.

When traveling to Hawaii, one usually flys into Honolulu on a major carrier, then “jumps” island to island on a local carrier.  Hawaain Airlines uses Boeing 717 regional jets, which is what we used for this trip, but there are other carriers like island air which uses smaller twin turbo prop planes, and Mokulele Airlines (honorable mention here) which uses single prop cessna’s.  In the future, if schedule permits, I will use Mokulele Airlines.  There is NOTHING like sitting right behind the pilots and watching the instruments and them fly the plane.  Very fun, very intimate.

So, if I ever did something “typical”, it’s when I give a tour of Hawaii, the first night is on o’ahu, and the first full day is at Pearl Harbor, the banzai pipeline, then back to the airport for the ‘jump’ to the island of choice.  This is the first day I did with butterblogger and this is the first day I did with my family.

Since I have a complete technology failure of pictures of the first day I will learn how to link to butterblogger previous article on this day 2 years ago, as his account is far better than any I could write.  But I will tell you the differences.

Pearl Harbor is now part of a larger historic site.  It has grown with additions to the original memorial.  One thing I do notice, and I should know as a boat owner, is the outside ships like the missouri and the bowfin age and require maintenance.  The miles of teak decking on the Missouri are showing weathering, as is the exterior of the Bowfin.

It takes money and effort to keep these relics in good repair.  And good money it costs to enter.  I hope those entry fees are used to maintain this heritage.

Also, I had wanted to see my sisters face when she saw the dental clinic on the Misouri.  Our father was a dentist and we both have early childhood (and later memories) and the experience of what it means to be the child of a dentist.  This was an unexpected bond I made with “M” from butterblogger, whilst visiting the Misouri in the past, as his father was also a dentist.

My sisters expression is stuck in an inaccessible memory card (which i hope to resolve upon my return to the mainland), but it wasn’t remarkable.  What was remarkable was once she got to thinking about it how she re-interpreted the statistics for me.

1800 sailors on board required 2 dentists working 14 hour days, 6 days a week.  Support staff consisting of lab technicians (for prosthetics) and hygienists, worked the other 10 hours a day, as there were only 2 chairs in tight quarters.  While the military may travel on its stomach, each stomach requires about 32 teeth to operate efficiently.

The dental clinic was not an afterthought, it was a primary neccessity.

Note to “M”, when she walked thought the bulkhead door and saw the “waiting room”, before she saw the operatory or knew it was the dental clinic, she instantly identified it and said “what’s this?  The waiting room?”.

I hope to have some of the technology issues repaired for the next blog.

So without further ado, this is what a morning in Pearl Harbor feels like:


Title: “the ballad of Jed Clampett” – Lester Flatts and Earl Scruggs.


So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Beverley…..

8 Jan

We rent a Tahoe and it’s off to do a little tour of the east coast of O’ahu, then the Hyatt Regency Waikiki for our first night in Hawaii.

We take off on interstate H1 and head towards the east coast.  O’ahu is the only Hawaiian island with interstates.  There are three.  I’m not sure how many people actually drive here from the mainland on the interestate but it seems like every one of them is heading east on H1 this Friday afternoon.


O’ahu has three interstates, the other islands, zero

After some extreme traffic the interstate turns into the two lane (one in each direction) Kameamea Highway and we’re driving through the rugged, twisty, hilly roads of the east coast.  We stop to see a few scenic overviews.  All I hear from the drivers seat is gasps, oohs and ahhas as we soak in the incredible views and blue blue blue waters smashing into the cliffs.

Then it’s off to the Hyatt Grand Regency Waikiki.  Waikiki is an international rodeo drive on steroids.  Tourists come here from all over the world, and it is dense with high end name retailers, glitzy shops and open air big name shops that spew their air conditioned air conspicuously out onto the sidewalks.  Japanese tourists come here, buy large luggage sets and fill them with American goods to take home.  It’s a scene.

The Hyatt Grand regency has the central location on the beach, and with our 6 person party, AARP discounts and frequent flyer matching status we manage to scrag the presidential suite, on the 40th floor, for less than the price of a couple of rooms on the ground floor facing away from the ocean.

This apartment is over the top.  Two bedrooms, an office, kitchen dining room, living room and my favorite, a separate entrance for “the help”.  The bathrooms not only have bidets, but they have electronic toilet seat bidets on the toilets.  So if you would like to use a bidet, you have a choice in each bathroom of which one!

It also has 6 balconies.  If we like, each of us can sit on our own balcony overlooking the main drag and Waikiki beach.  In fact we all sat on the same balcony and just moved from one to the next!


Amity and Izzy get ready for dinner in one of the spare bathrooms



The view east over Waikiki Beach



The Kitchen. The servants entrance is in the back


Dining room table. My bags (along with the pilfered soap) is being served


Your choice of bidets. Traditional or electronic


Electroinic Remote Control for bidet

The electronic bidet has a remote control, with presets for two users! (Just like the seats in a BMW!)
All in all the electronic bidet is superior because it also has a heated seat and a blow dryer capability!
This would be a perfect bundle with the crapper companion we saw in Florence on the Italian infomercial.

We had dinner at uncle Bo’s up the street, took a walk on the beach and so ended our day of travel to the other side of the planet!

Twas the night before…….

8 Jan

Enter a caption

‘Twas the night before…….

I feel compelled to start blogging (again). Actually I never felt like I did blog, as on many of my travels, I travelled with and he did all the blogging.

I was lazy.

well, tomorrow begins the trip of a lifetime. A year in the planning. Even though I’ve been there Many times before, this time it’s all about my traveling companions. My family is going with me so I can share with them many of my favorite places on earth, Hawaii.

My sister, My brother (in-law – hithertofore referred to as my brother – which is the defacto relationship), my two nieces and my soon to be nephew in law.

Amity is getting married to Paul in September. I offered to send them round trip anywhere United flies, or take the whole family to Hawaii, which I’ve been to many times and know pretty well. It didn’t take them but seconds to decide and We’re going on a trip of my lifetime. Oahu, Kaua’i and Hawaii (Big Island), 10 days on my favorite islands. Volcanos, monster waves, deserts, rainbows and rain forests.

and someone else is sure to join us, my long dead parents, who never made it to Hawaii. They knew how to travel and taught it to us. They will undoubtedly join us on this celebration of my first niece getting married. I’ve noticed lately that certain mannerisms, values and thought processes run through the generations, and i’m anxious to partake in them. I know countless times in the next 10 days we will be reminded of them and their presence will be known, through word, action and thought.

I made these plane reservations all the way back in april. 6 for us, but for me and Izzy, we ended up with seats not next to each other. The plane has been fully booked for months. Today, after check-in time, the seat next to me, 1b, opened up. out of hundreds of seats on the plane – all full, the one next to me opens up. I call up izzy and tell her to grab that seat. She gets it. As in many times in the past when synchronicity strikes I say:

“THANK YOU MOM”. Izzy tells me she it’s like when she finds a great parking space near her apartment uptown she says “I’ve never met you but thanks”. I didn’t know she does that before tonite. There will be many family revelations over the next 10 days and I welcome them.

I did a driving trip with my two nieces a decade ago touring eastern Europe, Germany, Austria, Czech republic, Poland and we had a spectacular time. This time my nieces parents, my sister and brother will join the celebration of the marriage and it will be my entire family.

so it’s time to pack and early in the morning we’ll start more than just “another”, but maybe the best ‘excellent adventure of my life’.

I’m just starting this blog up, It won’t be perfect. Please let me know if you can read it and if things look ok, and what can be better.